Bodega Bay Whale Experience

Seeking An Adventure?

With decades of Sea Angler whale watching knowledge, our friends never fail to callt. Enjoy this captured day with the Whales, Thank you for letting us share!
The footage is very NICE, and we are proud to share it. Come be our guest, and you experience the Whales in Bodega Bay.......

   -Salmon Footage

   -Squid Footage

   -Whale Adventure Footage
   -Rock and Ling Cod Footage
   -Charter Trip (S and S Footage)

   -Charter Trip (St. Vincent Alumni Reunion)

(Take a moment. See, what all the talk is about!)


The Bodega Bay Sportfishing Center is located in the Porto Bodega R.V. Park and Marina. You can park your RV, launch your boat, store your trailer, all within walking distance of the Sportfishing Center. Available at the Sportfishing Center is the latest tackle, bait and weather information as well as food and beverages.


The Fish:

So, what season are we in? The new Sea Angler fishes with the seasons as well as what is HOT! Click here to see what were up to this week 

Weather :

Click here to see the weather forcast for Bodega Bay.

The Seas:

Bouy reports that display information for the wave height, wind speed, and swell for the coastlines we fish.


- Video Gallery (Squid and More)
- Calamari
- Squid (2006 article informative)